Turner Ranch Youth Hunt Rules

Please observe the following rules:

  1. Youth-only hunting permitted on this property, ages 8-17.
  2. Youth are required to register prior to accessing property.
  3. Youth hunters are required to have an Idaho Youth Hunting License in their possession and be accompanied by a non-hunting licensed adult or mentor.
  4. Harvest and seasons restricted to California quail, ring-necked pheasant and waterfowl.
  5. All IDFG seasons and regulations apply.
  6. Pick up litter and spent shotgun shells.
  7. 仅限日间使用.
  8. All county and state laws are enforced in addition to the above rules. Violators will be required to leave the property.

In case of emergency, call 911.

奥怀希县警长 208-495-1154
C.J. 罢工WMA办公室 208-388-6778